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Fiction Book Club

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2018-04-2812-40-28D4S_8129Books can connect us with history in new and exciting ways. Each fiction book club series focuses on a subject related to the history of the Los Angeles region between 1830 and 1930. At each meeting we will play games, discuss plots, and dive into history.  

You can join us for further discussion and explore additional resources on the Homestead Museum Fiction Book Club's Goodreads page HERE.


Fiction Book Club: Reading Right Now

Summer 2020: "And then it got worse..."

What do you get when you combine a historic disaster with a summer monster movie? Something better...or worse. 6 to 8 p.m.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be meeting on Zoom for the time being. Participants can click HERE to register or ask questions, or contact us at to learn more or reserve your space.


Upcoming Fiction Book Club Themes

Curious what is coming next? Look ahead a season or two to see what we will be reading in the future.

Fall 2020: Literature of the Progressive Era

What do Teddy Roosevelt, food safety, and credit unions all have in common? The Progressive Era changed life in the United States and we plan to learn more! 


 Past Book Club Themes

Did you miss a book club series? That's ok. These books stand the test of time and are great to read whenever you are looking for something new. 

Spring 2020: Generations

How does history trickle down from one generation to the next? Each month we will discuss a book about a fictional family confronting their future and the legacy of their past.

Fall 2019: Best Sellers of the 1920s

Summer 2019: History Mash-Ups

Spring 2019: The Birth of Noir

Fall 2018: WWI in Different Mediums 

Summer 2018: A Fantastical Look at California