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Photo Preservation Workshop

Recorded May 16, 2020

Going through old family photos at home? Learn how to identify different types of photographs, common issues with preserving old photos, and how to best care for individual items.



Tres Hermanos Ranch: A History for the Future

Recorded May 3, 2020

Tres Hermanos Ranch is among the last large undeveloped properties in greater Los Angeles. As its future is being determined, its history hopefully has a place in the planning. Used as public land under Spain and Mexico and then part of Rancho Los Nogales in the late 1800s and early 1900s, Tres Hermanos was formed by “three brothers” with shared genealogies in business. This presentation will explore the early years of the area; the creation of the ranch by Los Angeles Times publisher Harry Chandler, oil executive William B. Scott, and former sheriff and oil company owner William R. Rowland; and its more recent history.



FEMALE JUSTICE: Wicked Woolsteen, a Woman Scorned?

Recorded April 26, 2020

In October 1887, the body of a local dentist was discovered in a burned out barn in Compton. Police suspected 21-year-old Hattie Woolsteen, rumored to have been having an affair with the married dentist, was the culprit. The press dubbed her "wicked Woolsteen" and "she-devil," but a number of influential women rallied around her cause, helping to present her as the victim. How did the 19th-century views of womanhood affect the outcome of this case? And do these views still influence women's trials today? Hear the story and decide for yourself.