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The PastPerfect cataloging program contains three databases from which to search:

•  Objects - all pre-1930 artifacts EXCEPT photographs
•  Photos
•  Library - post-1930 books found in our Research Library.
    Pre-1930 books in the collection are included in the "Objects"
    section of the database.

Please note: The "Images" portion of the search program is NOT utilized by the Homestead, so a search here will yield no results!

For more thorough information regarding search options, click on the "Help" sidebar in the search window.

Be warned! While copies of a catalog record and digitized image may be printed, all images are low resolution and watermarked! The print function is meant to assist researchers in contacting the Homestead for more information about an artifact.

Mistakes will be found—this search site is a work-in-progress, and not all of our records have been entered yet. We strive to be as accurate as possible in our descriptions, subject headings, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and, most importantly, our facts! If your search is unsuccessful, it may be an error on our part, so try another angle or give us a call.


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Image: Homestead Auditorium interior, ca. 1920. From the Homestead Museum Collection.